There are many things to consider when choosing the wood for your new fabulous floors, including its natural characteristics like color and grain pattern as well as practical things like overall durability and stability.

Your design preferences will customize your floor’s:
sheen level
surface durability

Of course, you want your floor to compliment your décor and give the desired effect. The style of wood floor can bring unique detail to your rooms. Add different combinations of color, sheen, width, and texture and your will have endless flooring choices, allowing you to create your perfect design aesthetic.

We know deciding between Prefinished or Jobsite Finished (AKA: Custom Finished) Hardwood flooring is not always easy.
We want to provide you with as much information as you need (or want) so you can invest in the option that’s best for you,
resulting in a beautiful floor you will be very happy with for years to come.

Prefinished. Most Engineered Hardwood Flooring and some Solid Hardwood Flooring comes factory-sanded and -stained, followed by factory application of multiple coats of urethane, UV cured, aluminum oxide finishes.
            • Installation. Options available for both slab and sub-floor and by any installation method (nailed, glued, stapled, floating, etc.).
                • Simplified, faster and quieter installation
                • Less mess – no sanding and finishing
                • No dust or chemical fumes
            • Variety. Available in a multitude of species, styles and colors with something for any decor.
              • Most Engineered and some Solid Hardwood Flooring will come factory-stained and finished.
                • We have samples of these boards in our Showroom, and we are very happy to loan them out so you can see how a particular floor will look in your home’s decor and lighting. We only ask that you please return them when you are finished.
            • Zero dry time | cure time (can walk on and replace furniture, rugs, etc. same day)
            • Aluminum Oxide factory finish
              • Longer lasting and more durable (more scratch resistant) than site-applied finishes.
              • Smoother and more evenly applied (essentially eliminating human error).
            • 10-, 15-, 20- and 25-Year Manufacturer Warranties.


Jobsite Finished (AKA: Custom Finished). Some homeowners prefer Classic Jobsite Finished floors due to the wider selection of stain colors and the opportunity to hone the surface and even out imperfections after the boards are in place. Boards are also easier to repair if damaged. All Solid Hardwood Flooring and a few select options of Engineered Hardwood Flooring are available for Jobsite Finish. Floors Etc. is proud to use DuraSeal® and Bona® products after we sand your floors.

              • Custom! Custom! Custom!
                  • If you can imagine it, we can do it…
                    design | layout | width variations | borders and pendants | custom colors | texture | etc…
              • Choices!
                  • You choose your stain color.
                  • You choose your sheen level.
                  • You choose your finish type.
              • We can match the existing hardwood flooring in your home, lacing into a particular room.
              • if the finish wears or there are scratches, we can Screen and Coat your Jobsite | Custom Finished Hardwood floor.
                  • This will improve the look of your floors considerably without the mess (and cost) of a full Sand and Refinish.
              • There will be noise, dust and some vapors during the sanding and finishing process:
              • This is a longer process than installing Prefinished Hardwood.
              • You will have to wait for floors to dry before you walk on them and for them to cure before you move furniture and place area rugs back on them (ref: Dry Time v. Cure Time).


Floors are our passion! Let us help with all your flooring design details.


...hand-scraping, wire-scraping, and wire-brushing...
These techniques will give a unique,
handcrafted appearance to your floors.
  • PrefinishedToday you can find prefinished floors that have lots of character markings like those found in reclaimed wood with the added benefit of today's superior finishes for ease of cleaning and durability. Many manufacturers offer distressed and hand-scraped hardwoods that will disguise heavy use over the years and give the floor an appealing timeworn appearance from the moment it's installed.
  • Jobsite | Custom Finished. Floors Etc. can create the fashionable hand-scraped or distressed look—our craftsman will hand- or wire-scrape each plank to your exact specifications.



There are some design characteristics that we can't take any credit for...
like species, grade, width, cut, etc.


For Jobsite | Custom Finished Floors,
Clients will be asked to choose a stain color after sanding is completed.


Custom Colors

Are you the person who likes to have what everyone else DOESN'T have? Then custom colors are for you!
Custom colors are unique and will set your floors apart. These are special combinations of of our standard colors made just for you.
COST: additional $0.25/sq. ft. for a 2-color combination; $0.10/sq. ft. for each additional color thereafter.



Stain colors can be found at:  

Popping the Grain

Set your floors apart! Popping the grain is another specialty technique that will set your floors apart from the rest. This process achieves an additional richness and depth of color to your floors.
Please note, it does require a 3rd coat of polyurethane.
COST: additional $1.00/sq. ft.

Floors Etc. is proud to use DuraSeal® and Bona® products after we sand your floors.


Applied over a stain and hardens on the wood to form a penetrating protective seal.


A kind of varnish that can be oil- or water-based. Both are like a coat of armor for the hardwood floor. Floors Etc. applies 2 coats as standard practice with each new installation or sand and refinish job.
  • Oil-based
  • Water-based

Tung Oil

Penetrating finish that soaks into the wood, sealing against soiling.

Custom Designs and Patterns

For a unique appearance,
Floors Etc. will customize your wood floor
with pieces arranged in a special design
or stained a contrasting color
to reflect a special theme or design.


You choose direction or pattern of your installation.


Custom borders can be used as an accent, giving a plain hardwood floor definition and distinction. Floors Etc. will create your of one-of-a-kind look, using different wood species, colors and/or width.


Add stone, metal or patterned inlays – our only limit is yours.

Square Edge
  • Perfectly square edge giving the floor a flush uniform appearance for a sleek and seamless transition between planks. Standard on most unfinished floors and some prefinished.
  • A very small 45 degree cut down on the sides of the floorboards – when 2 microbevel boards meet, they create a “V”, purposed to hide any slight height differences in manufacturing. Most common type of edge for Prefinished Floors. Depending on the floor it can range from about a 1/32” to 1/16”.
Eased Edge
  • This is much like the microbevel, only with a less prominent taper as it is more rounded.
Beveled Edge
  • Larger, more pronounced edge detail, with the individual flooring panels clearly delineated – is often combined with a sculpted or hand scraped effect. This bevel is about an 1/8” or less.