Clean and Spray Buff

Why Clean and Spray Buff?

Do you want to quickly spiff up your
polyurethane-finished or factory prefinished hardwood floors?
Floors Etc. can do that for you in a morning or an afternoon!
Our Clean and Spray Buff process works on most hard surface floors:
Hardwood, Engineered Wood, Laminate Flooring, etc...

This is a a deep clean process for your floor, “exfoliating” the top layer of the floor to reveal its original glossy (or matte) beauty and shine.
Floors Etc.’s professional equipment and products safely and aggressively clean and extract dirt, dust, soil, and built-up residue – leaving your floor clean and and professionally finished.

Floors Etc. highly recommends establishing and maintaining a regular floor buffing schedule for your hardwood floors.
  • For residential spaces, we recommend cleaning and spray buffing as needed (once or twice a year) – especially in high traffic areas.
  • For commercial spaces, we recommend this more frequently as the traffic tends to be heavier and more frequent by nature.