We will always respect your home.

We promise to treat your home with caution and care when we are there.

We will leave it in excellent condition once we leave.

We are passionate about providing you with the best service, design and value possible.

We will always listen to your needs and wants regarding your flooring project.

We will help you translate your ideas and vision into a reality.

We will then create a custom proposal based upon your specifics and your budget.

We will email you our written Proposal.

You will have our Proposal in your inbox within 3 business days of our appointment with you.

We will take all possible steps to ensure that your process with us is smooth and successful.

We are committed to ensuring that your flooring project is completed accurately and on time.

We are sticklers about maintaining and updating you on timelines.

Any unanticipated changes or delays — such as due to weather, manufacturer setbacks, etc. — will be promptly and clearly communicated with a contingency plan at the ready.

We will confirm our appointments with you.

You will always receive confirmation of the following:

  1. Your scheduled appointment(s) with us

  2. Your scheduled project date / time


We are always available to you and will stay in contact with you throughout the process.

We also encourage you to reach out to us any time should you have further questions or require additional flooring solutions now or in the future.

We guarantee our workmanship*

Upon the completion of your project we will walk you through the work and review the maintenance and upkeep requirements of your floor

*All of our work has a 1-Year Labor Warranty (unless other noted rare instances).

Additional manufacturer warranties may also apply to the materials, depending on the products selected.

A beautiful floor at Job Completion!

25,000+ beautiful custom floors in
the Greater Houston area
and still counting…