Screen and Coat

Why Screen and Coat?

Are your polyurethane finished Hardwood Floors
looking a little dull and beat up?
Instead of thinking about new flooring options,
consider hardwood floor recoating services.
At Floors Etc., we offer quality recoating services
for your hardwood floors.

People choose to have their hardwood floors recoated for different reasons:

  • Cover normal wear and tear
  • Cover scratches and worn patches
  • Cover over floor that was once carpeted
  • Extend the life of the floor
  • Upgrade the look of a room
  • More affordable than refinishing a floor

Hardwood floor recoating simply means applying a fresh new coat of polyurethane finish to your floors.
Unlike refinishing services, the original finish is not removed in a recoating service.

            • Floors will be screened (e.g.: very lightly sanded)
            • Floors will be cleaned / vacuumed
            • Floors will be wiped with mineral spirits
            • Polyurethane applied over dried floor