Floors Etc. loves pets — we have them in our homes, too.
And we believe just about any floor can be a “pet-friendly” floor — though some friendlier than others.
But no matter what kind of pet or what kind of floor you have, taking some good preventive steps will go a long way to making everyone a lot happier.

Our Quick Guidelines to Floor Care with Fur Babies...

  • Place doormats at all entry points to your home.
These will act as the first line of defense to collect any unwanted dirt or debris that might otherwise be tracked across your floors.


  • Place a waterproof mat underneath your pet’s food and water dishes.
Not only will this protect your floor from moisture, but it will also minimize the mess you have to clean up after mealtime.


  • Clean up spills or potty accidents – especially liquid ones – ASAP.
This is important for all floors, but especially important for Wax Finish Hardwood Flooring (stains) and Laminate Flooring (seepage)​​.


    • Keep reputable, cleaning solutions (as recommended for your floor type) on-hand to deal with unexpected accidents and messes.
Use as directed to get the best clean possible.


  • Keep your pet’s nails clipped to prevent them from scratching your hard surface floors or snagging your carpet.
This can also help cut down on the noise they make walking from room-to-room.


  • Train your pet to play in a designated pet area that is defined by an area rug or playmat placed over your floors.
This allows your pet space to play without you worrying about what their exuberance will do to your floors.
And, yes, we know this is easier said than done!


  • Of course, always be sure to follow any manufacturer’s recommendations for maintaining your floors to keep them strong and beautiful.

For pet-related flooring repairs or questions, please reach out to Floors Etc.