Maintenance and Care

  • Vacuum floor regularly
  • Treat spills as soon as possible
  • Place floor mats inside and outside entrances to trap soil before it is tracked into your home.
  • Understand the issues of weight and sunlight.
    • Rearrange your furniture periodically
      • Heavy furniture can compress, or crush the carpet pile, and leave noticeable indentations
    • Use window treatments that offer some protection against sunlight
      • Harmful ultraviolet rays can deteriorate carpet’s appearance and ability to withstand wear
  • To protect your investment, have your carpet professionally deep cleaned every 12 – 18 months.

    Important: Although your carpet may not look dirty, you are still required to have your carpet professionally steam cleaned regularly to comply with some manufacturers’ stain or soil protection warranties.

Floors Etc. Pro Tip
Only use the pros when necessary as too much commercial cleaning can cause your carpet to lose its built-in protection and damage it (no more than once a year).

  • Adhere to Manufacturer Warranty and Guidelines
    • Be sure to read the care and maintenance literature provided by the manufacturer because different fibers, styles and finishes can each have their own unique guidelines.
    • Floors Etc. will provide you with any product warranties upon completion of your project.

  • Vacuum floor 1-2X/week
    • High traffic areas may need more vacuuming more often.
    • Use a machine with maximum suction.
    • Use attachments to clean the tight spots – along walls and up and down the stairs.
Spot Cleaning
  • When spot cleaning, apply all cleaning agents to the cloth rather than directly to the stained area to avoid saturating the carpet when spot cleaning.
    • Blot up liquid spills with a white towel.
    • Use warm, not hot, water to rinse the stained area completely. Press clean cloths deeply into the carpet to take up moisture until the stain no longer appears on the cloth.
    • Never rub, scrub or use a brush.
      • This may cause damage to the carpet fibers, creating a permanent scar.
    • Clean the fibers, not the backing.
    • If a stain remover is needed – follow Manufacturer Warranty and Care Guidelines.
    • Once the stain is gone and your carpet has dried, vacuum to restore its texture and appearance.

The No-No's

  • Don’t track dirt inside
    • Placing walk-off mats outside all entrances will help absorb soil and moisture and trap excessive dirt, sand, grit, etc. so they are not tracked into your home and onto your beautiful carpet.
    • Clean mats on a scheduled basis (or sooner, when they need it) so they don’t become sources of dirt themselves.
  • Don’t let your pet’s claws go untrimmed.
    • If you have pets in the home, follow our tips for Floor Care With Fur Babies
  • Don’t try to pull out a snag in your carpet or vacuum over a loose carpet yarn.
    • Treat snags carefully and surgically.
    • Carefully snip the yarn flush with the carpet and without catching any surrounding loops.
  • Don’t use any of the following products as they can discolor or damage your carpet.
    • Bleaches
    • Furniture Polish
    • Oven Cleaners
    • Plant Foods, Fertilizers, and Insecticides
    • Acne Medication and Skin Creams
    • Toilet Bowl Cleaners
    • Tub and Tile Cleaners
    • Drain Cleaners
    • Bathroom Cleaners
The chemical ingredients contained in these substances can cause your carpet (especially nylons or nylon blends) to become permanently discolored.


For the following Carpet problems please reach out to Floors Etc.

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