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Commercial projects often have different needs than residential projects.

Our excellent listening and communicating skills combined with our capacity to see and plan for the entire scope of your commercial flooring project guides each project.

Floors Etc. will get your work done right, from start to finish!


Floors Etc. works directly with contractors and architects to specify products for the Commercial Flooring market segment. We can bid on any job to your specifications, and because of our thorough knowledge of materials, applications, and code requirements, we can also assist you with preparing a finish schedule and specifications for bid.
At Floors Etc., we can appreciate the fundamentals of a commercial project. Not only do we provide fast and accurate bid proposals, but we also are able to deliver materials in a timely manner, have quality installation processes and competitive pricing. Top that off with our knowledge and experience allowing us to recommend the right flooring, and you will find that you’ve found your commercial flooring company.

Flexible and Reliable
Floors Etc. takes great pride in being service-oriented. We know that you are under pressure to get the bid or job done. We take that pressure on ourselves and get you results in a prompt fashion. Plus, we want you to be confident when working with your customers that we will be reliable with what we’ve told you.

Commercial Flooring – 
Experience Counts, and We Have It!
  • Schools
  • Nonprofit Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Shops
  • Shopping Centers
  • Churches
  • Professional Centers